Summer and sports

Mountain biking in Bikepark Zau[:ber:]g or horse back riding, hiking or climbing, relaxation in the hotel swimming pool, sightseeing or enjoying a ride in the famous cog-wheel railway to Schneeberg – are among activities that Semmering offers its visitors. Families will have their slice of the action too – there is a zoo park close to the hotel as well as large Mountain world for children right at the station on top of Schneeberg.

If you do not feel like hiking or cycling, you can play golf ( or tennis in Semmering.

Biking tracks
Place: Semmering (1,5 km)

Description: Mountain biking around the cultural heritage – the historical railway of Semmering. The numerous biking tracks offer an unforgettable experience to the bikers.

Track: Biking tracks you can finde here: Tourismus → Sport & Freizeit → Sommer → Mountainbike

Length of the path: 9,3 km - 56 km

More information:

Driving directions: from the hotel´s access road turn left → continue straight forward

Bikepark Zauberberg
Place: Semmering (1,9 km)

Description: Bike park with different type, length and difficulty of tracks.

Price: Euro 22,- (adult / day-pass)

Opening hours: May, June – weekends: 10:00 – 18:00, July - August: 10:00 – 18:00, September - October – weekends: 10:00 – 18:00

Length of the path: 150 m - 3.100 m

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Driving directions: from the hotel´s access road you turn left → continue straight forward


High ropes in Stuhleck
Place: Spital am Semmering (5 km)

Description: Different track with different levels of difficulty will invite you to exciting adventures. The ropes are at 1 – 16 m height, which ensure enough of adrenalin. The high ropes forest promises fun, challenge and gaining new experiences.

Price: Euro 24,- / adult

Opening hours: April - May – Friday: 13:00 – 19:00, weekends: 10:00 – 19:00, June – Monday till Friday: 13:00 – 19:00, weekends: 10:00 – 19:00, July – August – daily: 10:00 – 19:00, September – October – Friday: 13:00 – 19:00, weekends: 10:00 – 19:00

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Driving directions: from the access road of the hotel turn right → pass along the village of Steinhaus am Semmering → continue along the main road till the town of Spital am Semmering

Semmi´s Kampalm-Tour
Description: Have a nice walk from Semmering to Spital am Semmering.

Track: Passhöhe Semmering – Pinkenkogel – Kampalpe – Saurücken – Spital am Semmering

Length of the path: 12,8 km

Starting point: Passhöhe Semmering (1,9 km)

Destination: Spital am Semmering

More information:

Driving directions: The starting point of this tour is in Semmering. You go up on the mountain around the Grenzlandhütte till Hochstrasse. In front of the hotel Panhans you turn left on the path Hakoahweg. After a few hundred meters you arrive to a small intersection, where you turn right on the path “Silberer Weg“ which will lead you the hut Pinkenkogel, which is a popular place to go around Semmering. You pass the intersection to Wolfsbergkogel and you continue up to Ochnerhöhe. There will be a small intersection of hiking path, from where you can enjoy the view on the beautiful Rax. You pass thru Ziereck (1.316 m) and Ochnerhöhe (1.403 m). Next to the hiking path is another path in the forest. You keep left and take the forest path and you go north around the Kerschbaumkogel. There you will see the Kampalps for the first time. Under the Kampalps, you arrive to the next intersection, where you can turn to Spital am Semmering (red sign nr. 21) across Bärenwand. After few more steps you reach the summit of the Kampalps (1.535 m) with its impressive Cross and majestic view. From the Cross you go downwards on a steep path to Spital am Semmering. At this part of your hiking you often take the forest roads to arrive to Franziska’s spring. At the last stage you go downwards on a forest path – first. You pass a chapel on a hill. This path lead you to the Spital am Semmering train station and then to a junction of hiking path. If you follow the path you can also walk to Semmering.

from - to distance length
Semmering centrum – Pinkenkogel 2.290 m 1 hour
Pinkenkogel – Kampalpe 6.420 m 2 hour
Kampalpe – Spital am Semmering 4.090 m 1,5 hour
Celkem 12.800 m 4,5 hour

Semmi´s Stuhleck-Tour
Description: You can have a nice walk from Spital to Semmering.

Track: Spital am Semmering – Stuhleck – Pfaffensattel – Poirhöhe – Brandstatt – Passhöhe Semmering

Length of the path: 21,7 km

Starting point: Spital am Semmering (5 km)

Destination: Passhöhe Semmering

More information:

Driving directions: The starting point of our hiking is the town hall in Spital am Semmering. Cross the Bundesstrasse toward the church, this is one of the most beautiful churches in Styria. Turn right at the crossroads and at the next left curve go across the bridge and upward along the highway. Then take the forest path by the skiing slope till the hut Friedrichshütte. Continue on the slopes to the hut of Schwaigerhütte. From there you can enjoy a magnificent view of the valley Mürztal, Semmering and the mountainous region. When you arrive to the summit of Stuhleck, take a break at the Alois Guenther Haus at the altitude 1.783 m, which is the highest peak of our tour and also the highest mountain of the Fischbacher Alps. Enjoy the beautiful natural view. From here go downwards, direction Pfaffensattel. Cross the road Pfaffensattelstrasse and continue 350 m along the forest path, and then turn right. After a walk you reach the Harterkogel (1.523 m). From this point on go downwards the hill along a forest path, which runs into the crossroads by the road Feistritzsattelstrasse. Keep left and shortly you arrive to the saddle Froeschnitzsattel (1.273 m), turn right and you arrive to the so called Weinweg (wine path). Continue on the ridge across the hills of Poirhöhe till the crossing of tourist paths just before the Alpkogel, which you will bypass westwards to Bergrettungshütte. From there continue upwards across the ski slopes of Semmering. You arrive to Kammweg under the mountain of Erzkogel (1.504 m), where you should reach the summit shortly. Then continue downwards by the green-marked path till the crossing of Brandstatt, which is just under the mountain of Hirschenkogel (Semmering), where you find the restaurant Lichtensteinhaus and the gazebo Millenium-Aussichtswarte. You can choose your way down: either by lift of on foot to the centre of Semmering.

from - to distance duration
Spital am Semmering – Stuhleck 5.340 m 2,5 hours
Stuhleck – Pfaffensattel 2.150 m 1 hour
Pfaffensattel – Poirhoehe 7.650 m 2,5 hours
Poirhoehe – Brandstatt 4.200 m 1,25 hours
Brandstatt – Semmering centrum 2.360 m 0,75 hours
Altogether 21.700 m 8 hours

Space trip „Sky on the Earth“
Driving directions: On the 6 km long section between the town of Rettenegg and the ski resort Stuhleck, the models of the heavenly bodies of the solar system are placed at the proportional distance of 1:1000000000.

The starting point is the “Pavilion of Stars“(Sternepavillon) in Rettenegg. The sky can be also seen at night with the help of glasses and mirrors. Some planets are illuminated till the Jupiter.

There are also arranged explanation boards at the starting pavilion and also by the models of planets and stars - Earth, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, the asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They also present the connection between the modern astronomy and astrological stargazing of the past cultures and eras.

The visitors can take closer look to the space on their trip. For example the time that the sunlight needs to arrive to Saturn is approximately the same time what a visitor needs to walk through this section.

Rettenegg („Pavilion of Stars“) – Saturn
1 – 1,5 hour

Rettenegg („Pavilion of Stars“) – Stuhleck (Pluto)
2,5 – 3 hours

Pretul – Stuhleck
1,5 – 2 hours

When you calculate your trip, please do not forget about the return trip!

Hiking track along the railway
Place: Semmering (1,5 km)

Description: Explore the nature along the historical railway tracks.

Track 1: Semmering - Mürzzuschlag
Length: 17 km

Track 2: Semmering - Payerbach
Length: 21 km

Track 3: Semmering - Gloggnitz
Length: 23 km

Length of the path: 23 km

More information:

Hiking round trip Sonnwendstein
Place: Maria Schutz (7 km)

Description: You can enjoy the picturesque view on the Rax, Schneeberg and other surrounding mountains.

Track: Sonnwendstein – Erzkogel – Gipfelkreuz – Zauberberg - Sonnwendstein

Height: 1.523 m

Length of the path: 13 km

More information:

Hiking park Zauberberg
Place: Semmering (1,9 km)

Description: There are different tracks at the disposal of the tourists, who would like to explore the magical world of the Zauberberg.

Length of the path: 2 km - 18 km

More information:

Driving directions: This tour leads us from the centre of Semmering, across the Johannespromenade and Erzweg to the small village of Steinhaus am Semmering. Just across the Gesslbauer´s restaurant you turn right behind the viaduct, and continue along the promenade. At the end of the promenade turn right by the viaduct again. Shortly you will arrive to the old Reichstrasse, which will lead you back to Semmering. Go along the railway across the inhabited area. Cross the road, shortly you arrive to the Hakhoaweg and after a nice walk back to Semmering.

Length of walk: 5 hours
Overall length: 12.350 m

Golf course in Niederösterreich

Golf course in Steiermarkt

Inline skate - R5 Mürztalradweg
Place: Mürzzuschlag

Track: Mürzzuschlag - Neuberg - Mürzteg

Track time: 04:00

Height: max. 802 m min. 483 m

Length of the path: 67 km

Starting point: Mürzzuschlag

Destination: Mürzteg

More information:,r5-muerztalradweg/


Recreation lake Krieglach
Place: Krieglach (25 km) - on S6 direction Bruck an der Mur

Description: Relax in the water and nature adventure! Natural and gravel lake, Kneipp equipment, water playground, restaurant and buffet service provide a pleasant summer spending free time. * Natural lake * Artificial lake * Water playground * Kneipp pool * Beach volleyball * Playground * Boat rental * Outdoor Fitness Equipment * Gasthof Establishments: Heimo Neuburger and Daniela Allmer Lastenstraße 36, Tel: 03855/20103 Mail:

Price: ENTRY FREE! Parking: 1,-€ / hr., Max. 5,-€ / day

Opening hours: Summer

More information:


Wilde Berg - Adventure Mountain
Description: ANIMAL WILDE EYES FOR LARGE & SMALL, YOUNG & YOUNG FEMED There are 270 alpine animals, a playground, a children's playground with great stations and of course a lot of fun: guided tours with veterinarians, bird of prey flight, feeding, children's playground, children's farm, playground.

Price: Adults 16€ and Children 10€

Opening hours: From 09:00 to 18:00 hour End of April to end of June - from Thursday to Sunday July and August - open daily Beginning of September until the end of October - from Thursday to Sunday

Destination: Mautern (105 km) 8774 Mautern in der Steiermark, Alpsteig 1

More information:

Driving directions: Spital am Semmering → Autobahn S6 richtung Bruck an der Mur → A9 richtung na Linz/Salzburg → Mautern in der Steiermark


Recreation lake Urani
Place: 8692 Neuberg an der Mürz (30 km) - Mürzzuschlag und dann Richtung Mariazell Street: Lichtenbach 1

Description: Unspoiled bathing fun for all ages is available in the Urani complex in Neuberg / Mürz. The generous natural bathing pond with its large lawns is ideal for jumping into the cool waters, anglers can try their luck in the nearby Fischteich. There are boats for rent and also two beach volleyball courts, a table tennis, a barbecue hut and a children's playground. At the "Teichwirt" you can look after your body. Hot food is available at the Teichwirt from 11:00 until 21:00, on Sundays until 19:30.


Opening hours: From 01.05. open every day all day

More information: