Semmi´s Kampalm-Tour

Semmi´s Kampalm-Tour Description: Have a nice walk from Semmering to Spital am Semmering.

Length of the path: 12,8 km

Starting point: Passhöhe Semmering (1,9 km)

Destination: Spital am Semmering

Track: Passhöhe Semmering – Pinkenkogel – Kampalpe – Saurücken – Spital am Semmering

Driving directions: The starting point of this tour is in Semmering. You go up on the mountain around the Grenzlandhütte till Hochstrasse. In front of the hotel Panhans you turn left on the path Hakoahweg. After a few hundred meters you arrive to a small intersection, where you turn right on the path “Silberer Weg“ which will lead you the hut Pinkenkogel, which is a popular place to go around Semmering. You pass the intersection to Wolfsbergkogel and you continue up to Ochnerhöhe. There will be a small intersection of hiking path, from where you can enjoy the view on the beautiful Rax. You pass thru Ziereck (1.316 m) and Ochnerhöhe (1.403 m). Next to the hiking path is another path in the forest. You keep left and take the forest path and you go north around the Kerschbaumkogel. There you will see the Kampalps for the first time. Under the Kampalps, you arrive to the next intersection, where you can turn to Spital am Semmering (red sign nr. 21) across Bärenwand. After few more steps you reach the summit of the Kampalps (1.535 m) with its impressive Cross and majestic view. From the Cross you go downwards on a steep path to Spital am Semmering. At this part of your hiking you often take the forest roads to arrive to Franziska’s spring. At the last stage you go downwards on a forest path – first. You pass a chapel on a hill. This path lead you to the Spital am Semmering train station and then to a junction of hiking path. If you follow the path you can also walk to Semmering.

from - to distance length
Semmering centrum – Pinkenkogel 2.290 m 1 hour
Pinkenkogel – Kampalpe 6.420 m 2 hour
Kampalpe – Spital am Semmering 4.090 m 1,5 hour
Celkem 12.800 m 4,5 hour

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