Semmi´s Stuhleck-Tour

Semmi´s Stuhleck-Tour Description: You can have a nice walk from Spital to Semmering.

Length of the path: 21,7 km

Starting point: Spital am Semmering (5 km)

Destination: Passhöhe Semmering

Track: Spital am Semmering – Stuhleck – Pfaffensattel – Poirhöhe – Brandstatt – Passhöhe Semmering

Driving directions: The starting point of our hiking is the town hall in Spital am Semmering. Cross the Bundesstrasse toward the church, this is one of the most beautiful churches in Styria. Turn right at the crossroads and at the next left curve go across the bridge and upward along the highway. Then take the forest path by the skiing slope till the hut Friedrichshütte. Continue on the slopes to the hut of Schwaigerhütte. From there you can enjoy a magnificent view of the valley Mürztal, Semmering and the mountainous region. When you arrive to the summit of Stuhleck, take a break at the Alois Guenther Haus at the altitude 1.783 m, which is the highest peak of our tour and also the highest mountain of the Fischbacher Alps. Enjoy the beautiful natural view. From here go downwards, direction Pfaffensattel. Cross the road Pfaffensattelstrasse and continue 350 m along the forest path, and then turn right. After a walk you reach the Harterkogel (1.523 m). From this point on go downwards the hill along a forest path, which runs into the crossroads by the road Feistritzsattelstrasse. Keep left and shortly you arrive to the saddle Froeschnitzsattel (1.273 m), turn right and you arrive to the so called Weinweg (wine path). Continue on the ridge across the hills of Poirhöhe till the crossing of tourist paths just before the Alpkogel, which you will bypass westwards to Bergrettungshütte. From there continue upwards across the ski slopes of Semmering. You arrive to Kammweg under the mountain of Erzkogel (1.504 m), where you should reach the summit shortly. Then continue downwards by the green-marked path till the crossing of Brandstatt, which is just under the mountain of Hirschenkogel (Semmering), where you find the restaurant Lichtensteinhaus and the gazebo Millenium-Aussichtswarte. You can choose your way down: either by lift of on foot to the centre of Semmering.

from - to distance duration
Spital am Semmering – Stuhleck 5.340 m 2,5 hours
Stuhleck – Pfaffensattel 2.150 m 1 hour
Pfaffensattel – Poirhoehe 7.650 m 2,5 hours
Poirhoehe – Brandstatt 4.200 m 1,25 hours
Brandstatt – Semmering centrum 2.360 m 0,75 hours
Altogether 21.700 m 8 hours

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