Hiking park Zauberberg

Hiking park Zauberberg Place: Semmering (1,9 km)

Description: There are different tracks at the disposal of the tourists, who would like to explore the magical world of the Zauberberg.

Length of the path: 2 km - 18 km

Driving directions: This tour leads us from the centre of Semmering, across the Johannespromenade and Erzweg to the small village of Steinhaus am Semmering. Just across the Gesslbauer´s restaurant you turn right behind the viaduct, and continue along the promenade. At the end of the promenade turn right by the viaduct again. Shortly you will arrive to the old Reichstrasse, which will lead you back to Semmering. Go along the railway across the inhabited area. Cross the road, shortly you arrive to the Hakhoaweg and after a nice walk back to Semmering.

Length of walk: 5 hours
Overall length: 12.350 m

More information: www.bikeparksemmering.at