Seminars and conferences

Hotel Alpenhof enables company and private events, receptions, seminars, training sessions, team building activities and workshops to be held. Except from the background and possibilities what our hotel offers, we will be pleased to ensure indoor or outdoor activities according to your wishes.

Combining business meetings with sport activities and relaxation will be appreciated not only by the management, but also by employees or business partners.

Our seminar rooms are with natural daylight and are equipped with modern technique. Sheltered terraces by the conference rooms are a place for pleasant relaxing during the coffee breaks.

Our spacious conference rooms are also suitable for yoga, spinning or aerobic classes.

Rooms and Prices

Our references:


  • UEFA Futsal Cup ...>>>
  • Rotec GmbH
  • Wien Energie
  • X+O, Wien
  • Wien Strom GmbH
  • Landespolizeikommando Wien
  • Österreichische Journalisten Club
  • FH Wien Unternehmensführung
  • T-Mobile Wien und Graz
  • Max F. Perutz Laboratories
  • Unabhängiges Tutoriumsprojekt an der ÖH Bundesvertretung
  • Allianz Werkzeuge Vertriebsunterstützung
  • Bridgeverein
  • SCA Hygiene Products, Wien
  • British-American Tobacco, Wien
  • Allianz, Wien

Czech Republic

  • Accenture International
  • Rotec GmbH
  • Wien Energie
  • X+O, Wien
  • Wien Strom GmbH

Slovak Republic

  • Uniqa
  • Zentiva
  • Johnsons Control
  • Siemens Enterprise
  • Accenture International
  • Geberit Slovakia
  • Bioderma Slovakia
  • Vizada Networks, Slovakia
  • Hypernova, Ahold Retail Slovakia


  • SSL Hungary
  • OMG Hungary
  • Cetelem Bank, Hungary